Welcome to Rhapsodize!

A non-commercial cultural initiative to produce and encourage the performance of classic poetry.

Rhapsodize Central

Hub for Entire Rhapsodize Initiative – Rhapsodize Live, Rhapsodize Audio, & Rhapsodize Video

Rhapsodize: Vision and Mission

Rhapsodize Live on Tour – Winter/Spring 2015

Rhapsodize Audio

The audio production branch of this initiative, Rhapsodize Audio, was established early in 2012 and now  features 14 rhapsodes hailing from the United States,  Canada,  Great Britain, and Western Australia. You may find examples of our work in our catalog of performances and on the Internet Archive, which graciously offers us space to store our audio files. For the latest update on our activity, visit the Rhapsodize Audio News page!


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