Voicing the Verses of Classic Poetry

Rhapsodize is a classic poetry performance initiative dedicated to engaging in, encouraging, instructing, guiding, and facilitating rhapsodizing, that is, performing classic poetry dramatically. Rhapsodize represents a community and resources for solo and/or group performance and production of live, audio, and video rhapsodies, or programs, concerts, recitals, and vocal collections of classic poetry in the public domain.


Audio Rhapsodies Catalog

Listen to rhapsodies recorded live and in studio by our community of rhapsodes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about rhapsodes, rhapsodics, rhapsodies, and rhapsodizing. And any question you don’t find on this list, please email us and we will list and answer it in the FAQ.


Starting to Rhapsodize

A Brief Guide To Beginning Your Career as a Contemporary Rhapsode


Rhapsodize Lyceum

Audio news, reviews, interviews, information, tutorials, opinions, seminars, workshops, behind-the-scenes production documentaries, and all things relating to performing classic poetry dramatically with excellence.




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