Jason Mills



Jason Mills is just this guy, ya know? He exists not far north of middle England and not far south of middle age. He fumbled through a degree in Physics & Computer Science, drifted into a bit of computer programming, groped through a few years of office work, and has unfathomably ended up a computer technician in a school.

Jason reads a lot, writes a little, records for Rhapsodize and Librivox and creates adventure materials for the Tunnels & Trolls* role-playing system. His proudest achievement (and it ain’t all that) is The Calm Before The Storm, his prequel to Shakespeare’s The Tempest. For his writings and readings he welcomes all feedback, good or bad, so long as it’s good.

All things Jason

Librivox recordings
Tavernmaster Games

Jason on Rhapsodize

Lear Against the Storm in A Shakespeare Gallimaufry
Wisdom and Wine and Drowning One’s Sorrows in The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, George Roe translation

* Tunnels & Trolls is a trademark of Flying Buffalo Inc.


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