Carol Box


You can blame the Christmas ‘round robin’ letter for my being here!

I had always enjoyed settling into one of my daughters’ beds, with the three of them snuggled up to me for the bedtime story routine, thus the most enjoyable apprenticeship for reading aloud with feeling.

Many years later, and now a grandmother, I tried to persuade my husband and oldest daughter to read the latest round robin.

Oh, the perfect lives that people live – the most unusual perfect holidays – 4 this year of course, with details of even the perfect birds on the beach – the perfect and ‘amazing’ child genius, perfect landscaping of their garden … etc. In fact four pages of absolute perfection!

In the end I decided to read it to my family as they sat enjoying coffee.

’Mum,’ said my daughter, ‘you ought to be an audio narrator.’

A quick Google search found me applying to become a Librivox volunteer, and purchasing a usb microphone.
There are now 100 sections in 50 projects listed in my catalogue

I was delighted to be invited to join Rhapsodize.

Thank you, Bob and Denis!


Carol Box on Rhapsodize

A Child’s Garden of Verses
A Trilogy of Remembrance
The Chicago Anthology
“Hoc Erat in Votis” and The Seven Ages of Man from Eclectic Rhapsody I

Love is Enough by William Morris
The Dream by John Donne
Sometime Childish by Samuel Taylor Coleridge       from Poem-a-Day for U.S. Poetry Month, April 2013

The Potter from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Sonnet 34 and Cymbleine (Act 1, scene 6) from A Shakespeare Gallimaufry


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