Caprisha Page



I have always felt that whatever career I choose in life it should always feel like “fun” and never feel like “work.” When I first started recorded audiobooks, it was simply a hobby, something to help those students who were struggling with the classics in my classroom, but now, whether I’m reading fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, I find that I am able to bring that same passion to a much larger audience. Two years and more than 150 projects later, I find that the love of bringing words to life only increases with each new project, no matter the topic. While I certainly enjoy the actual reading and recording process, I also enjoy the editing and producing elements when they are required. There is something almost magical about seeing a project literally come to life from the start as printed words to finished humanized voice. While I may not be ‘teaching’ anymore in a formal classroom, I still bring that same level of enthusiasm and “fun” to each project, tempered to meet the tone each individual project demands.


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