“I’m Nobody! Who Are You?” – An Emily Dickinson Rhapsody


“I’m Nobody! Who Are You?” – An Emily Dickinson Rhapsody ¬†15:30
Performed by Rosemary Orlando

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This rhapsody, composed of the relatively short poems of this reclusive poet, is performed in one continuous file, organized by these categories:


I’m nobody! Who are you ?
If I can stop one heart from breaking,
Hope is the thing with feathers
A word is dead when it is said
Surgeons must be very careful when they take the knife
My life closed twice before its close


Going to him! Happy letter! Tell him –
Heart, we will forget him !
Wild nights ! Wild nights !
The moon is distant from the sea,


I’ll tell you how the sun rose –
The butterfly’s assumption-gown,
The pedigree of honey
A bird came down the walk
A narrow fellow in the grass


There’s been a death in the opposite house
I have not told my garden yet,
She died,- this was the way she died
I never saw a moor,
The grave my little cottage,
I tie my Hat – I crease my Shawl –
The name they dropped upon my face ( Because I could not stop for death)


Rosemary Orlando first performed The Belle of Amherst, a play based on the life of Emily Dickinson, at the University of South Florida and later at Warehouse Theatre. She also toured the Hillsborough County High Schools with an edited version of the play. She continues to perform and direct in the Tampa Bay Area. Rosemary also works as an adjunct professor at the University of Tampa and Hillsborough Community College in the Theatre Department.

Rhapsodize Audio is thrilled to welcome Rosemary to our site and catalog as our very first guest rhapsode.


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