Remember: A Christina Rossetti Rhapsody


Christina Georgina Rossetti was born in London, England in December 1830 to an artistic family, her father being the poet Gabriele, and her brother Dante a founder member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

By the age of twelve Christina was writing poetry, and by seventeen she was exploring verse forms including sonnets, hymns and ballads â which often featured meditations on loss and death. We can see Christina, portrayed in a number of Dante’s most famous works, including his first completed oil painting, The Girlhood of Mary Virgin. He also illustrated several of Christina’s poems, together with the well-known cover of Goblin Market.

Christina Rossetti is now considered to be one of the major Victorian poets.

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Christina Georgina Rossetti: A Critical and Biographical Essay

by Arthur Symons – Performed by Bob Gonzalez

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Introduction by Carol Box

1. Four Poems  5:04

Performed by Bob Gonzalez

An Echo from Willowwood
Yea, I Have a Goodly Heritage
At Home


2. Six Poems  6:49

Performed by Caprisha Page

Dead before Death
Queen of Hearts
Fluttered Wings
Love Lies Bleeding
Venus’ Looking-Glass
Shall I forget?


3. Four Poems  10:52

Performed by Denis Daly

One Certainty
Sleep at Sea
A Testimony
The World


4. The Hour and the Ghost  3:27

Performed by Caprisha Page, Jason Mills and Denis Daly


5. Remember and Heartfelt  2:13

Performed by Jason Mills


6. Dreamland  1:28

7. Maude Clare  2:12

Performed by David Lewis Richardson


8. Eight Poems  8:31

The One Certainty
Consider the Lilies of the Field
A Birthday
After Death
No Thank You John
The Mirage

Performed by Carol Box


9. Cobwebs  :56
10. When I Am Dead, My Dearest  :52

Performed by Winston Tharp


11. Goblin Market  25:28

Performed by Bob Gonzalez


Johannes Brahms:
Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 73 – III. Allegretto Grazioso
Czech National Symphony Orchestra
From the Musopen Kickstarter Collection


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