From Tyro to Master – A Poetic Journey

The Poetry of James Elroy Flecker

Prepared and presented by Denis Daly

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Four Translations and Adaptations from Catullus
Song in the Night
Glion – Noon
Glion – Evening
Last Love
Fragments of an Ode to Shelley

Title Page for The Old Ships
The Old Ships
The Blue Noon
A Fragment
The Pensive Prisoner
From Jean Moreas’ “Stances”
The Princess
Pannyra of the Golden Heel
The Gate of the Armies
The Old Warship Ablaze
November Eves
God Save the King
The Burial in England
The True Paradise

Flecker’s distinctive poetic diction, direct and piquant, is apparent even in his earliest poems. In the later poems, the language becomes tauter and more economical, as the poet eschews the affectations of learning and cultural conventions in his examination of the deepest aspects of human existence.

The assistance of the following readers is gratefully acknowledged:
Carol Box, who performs the title role in Lucretia
Jason Mills, the perfomer of Fragments of an Ode to Shelley



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