Elizabeth Klett

Reading books out loud has long been a passion for Elizabeth. She has been a professional audiobook narrator since 2011, and has produced recordings for Audible, ACX, Bee Audio, and Iambik. She has been recording free audiobooks for LibriVox since 2007, and has produced solo recordings of novels, short stories, and poetry. Elizabeth has a B.A. in Theatre from Drew University (one of the top theatre programs in the U.S.), and has recorded a variety of dramatic projects, performing roles ranging from Lady Macbeth to Antigone to Juliet. She also holds M.A. and doctoral degrees in English literature from the University of Illinois and teaches at a university in Houston, TX. Her expertise in analyzing and understanding literature makes her recordings particularly enjoyable for her listeners. She also gets a lot of daily experience reading aloud, thanks to her book-loving six-year-old daughter.

Elizabeth Klett on Rhapsodize

Hero and Leander

For Elizabeth’s recordings on Audible, ACX, Bee Audio, Iambik, and┬áLibriVox, visit Elizabeth Klett Audio


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