“O Yearning Heart” – An Edgar Allan Poe Rhapsody


“Oh, Yearning Heart”

Tracing Hope through the Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe

Known predominantly for his short stories focused on the darker elements in humanity or even for contributing to the birth of the modern detective story, Edgar Allan Poe is rarely celebrated for his work as a poet. However, because of the innate succinctness poetry presents, we are able to examine the poet’s message about several different subjects in a relatively short period of time. In this rhapsody, we will address the concept of Hope, which is not perhaps something one readily connects with Mr. Poe.

In many of the twenty­-four poems included in this collection, the word “hope” is directly included. In the remaining poems, it is quite easy to derive the speaker’s attitude towards it. Whether the speaker is a newly jilted lover, a man on his deathbed, or a detached observer, Hope in some capacity waits in the wings, revealing something about life in general and maybe even something about Mr. Poe himself. Poe’s volatile life is no secret, and one can only imagine that these events had some bearing on the poignant verses included here. We have included some old favorites and, perhaps, a few poems audiences may not be so familiar with.

Production concept and narration by Caprisha Page

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Poems (Timestamp: “Title”, Speaker)

Part One ­ (total run time 01:04:12)
0:05:14: “Alone”: Bev J. Stevens
0:06:44: “The Bells”, Denis Daly
0:12:10: “Annabel Lee”, Denis Daly
0:14:23: “To Helen” (I), Alan Weyman
0:15:44: “To Helen” (II), Alan Weyman
0:22:27: “Ulalume”, Jason Mills
0:27:43: “Eulalie”, Jannie Meisberger
0:29:42: “Lenore”, Jannie Meisberger
0:33:02: “The Raven”, Winston Tharp
0:41:37: “Al Aaraaf”(Part I), Denis Daly
0:49:58: “Al Aaraaf”(Part II), Denis Daly

Part Two­ (total run time (01:00:54)
0:01:02: “The Village Street”, Bev J. Stevens
0:04:56: “El Dorado”, Winston Tharp
0:06:06: “The City in the Sea”, Jason Mills
0:09:07: “The Valley of Unrest”, Bev J. Stevens
0:10:59: “To the River”, Cate Barratt
0:11:36: “The Lake”, Cate Barratt
0:12:34: “The City in the Sea”, Cate Barratt
0:15:36: “The Conqueror Worm”, Jason Mills
0:18:00: “Stanzas”, Denis Daly
0:21:12: “An Enigma”, Carol Box
0:22:41: “Shadow: A Parable”, Bob Gonzalez
0:30:57: “Silence: A Fable”, Bob Gonzalez
0:41:45: “Tamerlane”, Denis Daly
0:53:34: “The Bells”, Bev J. Stevens
0:59:01: “Alone”, Carol Box


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