1915: A Rhapsodic Tribute to James Elroy Flecker


Rhapsodize Audio is pleased to present the following selection of Flecker’s
 verse, most of which dates from his mature years. This rhapsody is divided into two sections:


A selection of twenty-six short poems, concluding with A Sacred 
Dialogue, Flecker’s rather mocking
 comment on religious war;
Flecker’s translation of part of Book 6 of the Aeneid, in which Aeneas 
visits the underworld.


Your rhapsodes are Elizabeth Klett,
 Denis Daly, Caprisha Page, Winston
Tharp, Alan Weyman, Bob Gonzalez and Carol Box.


Excerpts from Mars, from the Planets: a Suite for Large Orchestra by Gustav
Performed by the US Army Band
A public domain recording issued by


Part One – Twenty-six poems
Time    Section     Title                                            Rhapsodes
00:23   0               Introduction                                Denis Daly
02:27   1               Heliodora                                   Elizabeth Klett
03:10   2              Resurrection 
                              Elizabeth Klett
04:21   3              Dulce Lumen                              
Denis Daly
07:08   4              Jalalu’ddin 
                                 Caprisha Page
08:22   5              Donde Estan?                            
Caprisha Page
10:47   6              Dirge 
                                          Elizabeth Klett
12:15   7              The Parrot 
                                  Alan Weyman
14:29   8              In Memoriam                               
Elizabeth Klett
15:36   9             Yasmin 
                                        Winston Tharp
16:52  10            Saadabad 
                                    Elizabeth Klett
20:26  11            The Hammam Name                    Elizabeth Klett
23:29  12            In Phaeacia                                
  Denis Daly
25:05  13            Epithalamion                                Elizabeth Klett
26:31  14            Hyali 
                                            Elizabeth Klett
29:18  15            Santorin                                        Alan Weyman
32:04  16            A Ship, an Isle, a Sickle
Moon       Denis Daly
32:59  17           Oak and Olive                                Denis 
35:59  18           Brumana 
                                       Denis Daly
39:24  19           Areiya 
                                           Denis Daly
40:37  20           Bryan of Brittany                            Winston Tharp
45:41  21           Don Juan Declaims                       Bob Gonzalez
50:11  22           The Painter’s Mistress                  Carol Box
51:26  23           In Hospital 
                                   Winston Tharp
53:12  24           Taoping 
                                       Denis Daly
56:19  25           The Dying Patriot                         Denis Daly
58:40  26           A Sacred Dialogue                       Elizabeth Klett, Alan
Weyman, and Denis Daly


Part Two – Virgil: Aeneid – Book VI
Translation by James Elroy Flecker
Performed by Bob Gonzalez

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