Bob Gonzalez, Founder


“Old Poesy” by John Clare, performed by Bob Gonzalez

Robert Gonzalez, Ph.D., founder of Rhapsodize, is an Associate Professor of Speech and Theatre in the Department of Speech, Theatre and Dance at the University of Tampa. His professional research includes spoken word performance, devised/collaborative theatre, and creativity theories and practices. Dr. Gonzalez received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Boston University, his Master of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his Doctor of Philosophy in Communication from the University of South Florida. At the University of Tampa, Dr. Gonzalez teaches courses in Voice and Diction, Improvisation for the Theatre, Advanced Acting Workshop (Presentational & Non-Naturalistic Acting Forms), Oral Performance of Literature, Acting Shakespeare, Play Analysis, and Oral Communication (Public Speaking). Bob has directed mainstage and small stage theatrical productions at the University of Tampa, the University of South Florida, and for local theatre groups. These productions include Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author, Václav Havel’s Temptation, Aeshylus’ Oresteia (as Blood Guilt: Orestes on Trial) and Euripides’ Hippolytus (in his own trans-adaptations), Lanford Wilson’s Book of Days, William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Philip Massinger’s A New Way to Pay Old Debts, Václav Havel’s The Increased Difficulty of Concentration, Aristophanes’s Lysistrate (also in his own trans-adaptation), and Gerlind Reinshagen’s The Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe. Bob has also adapted and directed stage adaptations of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s The Last Demon and Gimpel the Fool, adapted and directed Frank L. Baum’s The Wizard of Oz for live radio drama as City of Emeralds, directed collaboratively devised theatre pieces such as Hott Mess and Stuff & Nonsense (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), as well as performed in and the staged poetry performances World Enough and Time: A Vintage Verse RhapsodyReverberance: A Poetic Rhapsody and Measured Passion: Poetry Aloud and Alive. Bob is a member of the National Communication Association, the Florida Communication Association, the Voice and Speech Trainers Association, the Southeastern Theatre Conference, and the Florida Theatre Conference.

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The Kalevala – Proem by Elias Lönnrot, translated by John Martin Crawford


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